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Do you prefer living space? Then the Skidh chalet is ideal. Here, there is a large living room, light and a natural, uncluttered layout. This rental boasts a contemporary spirit without mountain folklore. And its 4-star rating guarantees your comfort.


When you walk through the door of the chalet, you will discover a generous living room with a lounge area, a large kitchen and a dining room that extends onto a terrace with a panoramic view.

Being together without being crowded

What could be more convivial than a spacious and warm living room? It’s the best way to be together without being crowded. You will really appreciate its 39m² if unfortunately the weather is not good.

Eating meals all at the same time

Often in the mountains you have to take turns eating. Here, you won’t have this problem as the large table can accommodate 12 people. So, let’s make way for the raclettes!

The unique warmth of a wood fire

How can you imagine a stay in the mountains without being able to snuggle up by a fire and hear the wood crackle? It really changes the atmosphere and makes all the difference when the days and nights get cooler. 

chalet Skidh . angle canapé
chalet Skidh . salon zoom
chalet Skidh . salon vu de l'extérieur
chalet Skidh . salon
chalet Skidh . poêle à bois
chalet Skidh . pièce principale et escalier
chalet Skidh . coin repas
chalet Skidh . pièce principale
chalet Skidh . coin repas 2


The staircase leads to the relaxation area, which is a pleasure to return to. The attic rooms, soft and cosy, offer a subdued atmosphere. Simplicity is the order of the day and sobriety is synonymous with tranquillity. The materials used here are also natural.

Un peu plus loin, le “dortoir” des enfants est un vrai terrain de jeu pour petits et grands.  Et en plus c’est la plus belle chambre.

To each his own cocoon room

With the 3 bedrooms in this chalet, everyone can find a place to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. To be able to be alone for a few moments after a very intense day is a pleasure that should not be neglected. The bedding is cosy and the beds comfortable. When we say relaxation….

A corner of paradise for children

What children like most is to meet and play together in a place that is really their own. The room known as the “dormitory” is the most popular room for children. So let’s get on with the shows !

chalet Skidh . chambre enfants colorée
chalet Skidh . chambre milieu
chalet Skidh . chambre 1 zoom
chalet-skidh-vaujany - espaces de vie - détail de la marmotte sur le balcon


A very comfortable bathroom with a walk-in shower and a washbasin on a very large work surface. The bathroom is very well equipped with drawers where you can store your toiletries.

The second bathroom is located on the first floor and is elegant and without superfluous. You will find its layout clever. 


The Skidh chalet is designed to ensure a comfortable and stress-free stay in the mountains.  Everything is designed to make life easier for skiers and cyclists. 

Do you know many mountain rentals with a real ski-room ?

And once you’ve tried it, you can’t do without it… 

The comfort of a ski-room

You can dry all your ski clothes in this 18 m² heated room. You will also find cupboards and shoe dryers. And thanks to it, the pleasure of not coming across your ski clothes everywhere in the chalet.

The practicality of the laundry room

A washing machine and a dryer are at your disposal. It’s very practical for those little blunders or whatever. Now you can say goodbye to overloaded suitcases.

The saving toilet

Who hasn’t experienced the little urges when the outfits are already on and everyone is ready to go? This toilet is more useful than it seems… 

The multi-purpose garage

Park the car in a dry place, store suitcases and provisions… Everything you need to save space in your rental car without being overcrowded.

chalet Skidh . garage
chalet Skidh . Ski-room


The Skidh chalet is a half chalet with a surface area of 102m² spread over 3 levels.  If you wish to consult the plans of the chalet.

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