General rental conditions

Updated: March 17, 2021

General information

– Absence of right of retraction : Reservations made do not benefit from the retraction period, and this in accordance with article L121-21-8 of the consumer code relating in particular to the provision of accommodation services provided at a given date or according to a given periodicity.

– Commercial offer : Our website constitutes a prior offer within the meaning of articles R. 211- 5 and R. 211-6 of the Tourism Code. reserves the right to modify some of the services offered, under the conditions set out in article R211-6. The reservation of a stay and/or a trip implies the acceptance of the present special conditions of sale. A printing error is always possible. Variations in economic conditions may lead us to modify the prices before the signature of the contract. We draw your attention to the deformation that the pieces undergo when the photos are taken at a wide angle. The photos are only given as examples and are not contractual in any way. The surfaces of the accommodations are given as an indication. The works or arrangements undertaken by the municipality or by private individuals in the vicinity of the cottage do not engage our responsibility.

Article 1: Purpose

The Skidh Cottage is a half cottage, with a surface area of 93 sqm. living space over 3 levels, located in the condominium Ysengrin – 45 rue du Caroux in Vaujany. It is classified 4 stars in the category of furnished tourist accommodation, defined by the Tourist Offices of France, Departmental Federation of Isère, 14 rue de la République 38000 GRENOBLE.

The cottage can only be rented as a temporary residence and for pleasure. The practice of any trade, profession or industry is strictly prohibited.

The Cottage can be reached by e-mail at the following address: These general rental conditions are accessible on the website, as well as the legal notices and the charter for the protection of personal data and cookies.

Article 2 – Reservation 

Our stays are for 7 nights, from Saturday to Saturday. For shorter or longer stays: on request and according to availability.

Any reservation is considered as definitive as soon as it has been confirmed by us (sending of a reservation confirmation by e-mail). Without confirmation from us, any reservation cannot be considered final.

In case of late booking, less than 30 days before arrival, the total amount of the stay will be claimed at the time of booking.

After payment of the balance of your stay, the reservation becomes effective. We will send you an e-mail with all the practical information necessary to facilitate your stay. Payments made by credit card guarantee the reservation and ensure the payment of the stay.

Terms of payment :

  • The payment of your stay can only be made in Euros.
  • Any request for reservation must be accompanied by a deposit corresponding to 30% of the total price of your rental. In accordance with the law, the deposit is never refunded.
  • The balance of the rental price and any additional services must be paid 30 days before the beginning of the stay.

In the event of a balance not paid within 30 days of arrival, or in the event of non-execution of one of the clauses of the contract, reserves the possibility of considering the reservation as cancelled by the tenant, of cancelling the lease as of right without any legal formality, and of applying consequently the cancellation conditions envisaged and defined in article 4.    

Article 3 – Accepted means of payment 

Secure online payment on via Visa and Mastercard for the : 

  • payment of the deposit at reservation
  • payment of the balance no more than 1 month before arrival undertakes to give the tenant an invoice for any payment made.

The bank charges for any transfer drawn or made to a foreign bank will be at the expense of the reservee and will be added to the amount of the reservation.

In the event of a transfer made by mistake with an amount greater than the sum actually due for the rental, the refund of the difference will be made at the time of the inventory of fixtures when entering the rental.

Transaction security :  The only exchange e-mail address is:, the tenant must not take into account any other e-mail coming from an address other than this one. In case of non-respect cannot be held responsible.

Article 4 – cancellation by the tenant 

  • Up to 30 days before arrival: the cancellation will be charged 30% of the rental amount, i.e. the totality of the deposit paid. In case of lockdown or closure of the ski lifts related to covid-19, the deposit will be refunded. 
  •  Less than 30 days before arrival: cancellation will be charged 100% of the rental amount. In case of lockdown or closure of the ski lifts related to covid-19, all payments made will be refunded.

Any cancellation or modification is made via the internet link sent at the time of your reservation or in writing to The date of receipt of the written notice determines the date of modification or cancellation of the reservation.

Reservations are subject to change according to availability with a price adjustment according to the season and in any case with the written agreement of

The tenant may not sublet the cottage except with written agreement by

Article 5 – cancellation by the owner 

Cancellation is possible by the owner at any time. He pays to the tenant the totality of the sums collected by him.

Article 6 – the price  

Our prices are in Euros, including all taxes at the current VAT rate. Our prices include the provision of the accommodation, reasonable charges for heating, water, electricity, file fees, fees, free access to all the outbuildings of the cottage and to the available supplies. Additional nights to those provided for in the contract are billed extra. The tourist tax is to be paid on site.  

The following services are included in the rental price :

  • bed and bathroom linen: pillowcases, comforter covers, sheets, towels per guest and bath towels   
  • cleaning at the end of your stay 
  • 2 private parking spaces at the foot of the cottage
  • heating, water and electricity charges 
  • wood for the stove
  • access to baby equipment: umbrella bed with mattress + baby chair + umbrella stroller + plastic plates
  • Household pack : all household products for the duration of the stay.
  • Kitchen pack : oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar, flour, tea, coffee, syrups… are available.
  • Laundry room with washing machine and dryer
  • Wifi – TV 
  • Garage
  • administrative fees 

In the event of an increase in VAT that occurs between the time the rates were determined and invoicing, reserves the right to apply this increase to the rates without prior notice and on the application of the new rate.

In the event of a programming error in the online payment system, i.e. the price requested during payment does not correspond to the price displayed, the owner reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

Promotions and discounts are in no way retroactive.

Article 7 – capacity 

The present contract is established for a maximum capacity of 10/11 persons, including children. The rented premises must be occupied at most by the number of persons corresponding to the bedding equipment. If the number of tenants exceeds the capacity, the owner can refuse the additional persons. Any modification or termination of the contract in case of non-compliance with this clause will be considered at the initiative of the client.

Article 8 – minor children 

Minor children remain under the full responsibility of their parents and / or accompanying throughout their stay. can only book a stay for minor children if they are under the responsibility of an accompanying adult.

Article 9 – foreign nationals 

We recommend that you check with the consulates of each country for possible visas. We are not responsible for persons who have not complied with the regulations in force.

Article 10 – ength of stay 

The tenant accepts without reserve these General Conditions of Seasonal Rental and acknowledges having read them before booking. The dates of occupation must be perfectly respected. The rental is concluded for a determined period, the tenant will not be able to take advantage of any right to remain in the premises at the end of the paid stay. No notice of departure is necessary, the occupation of the premises ends at the end of the agreed and paid period. In the event of delay in vacating the premises, the tenant, whatever his reasons, will owe a penalty per day of delay calculated on the basis of three times the daily rent in effect on the date of departure. This indemnity will not give the tenant any right to remain in the premises, and it will be acquired at as an indemnity, a lump sum, without prejudice to any damages and interest.

Article 11 – réduction de la durée du séjour 

In the event of a reduction in the length of stay, for any reason whatsoever, will in no way be required to reimburse the rent corresponding to this interruption.

Article 12 – Arrival and departure


The tenant must present himself on the day and time specified on this contract. In case of late or delayed arrival, the tenant must inform the owner who will give or not his agreement according to availability. The handing over of the keys takes place from 4:30 pm on the day of arrival. They must be returned before 10 am on the day of departure. The handing over of two sets of keys will take place only after payment of the deposit and the payment of the visitor’s tax.

 Article 13 – inventory of fixtures 

State of entry.
A contradictory inventory of fixtures and an inventory of furniture will be established at the entrance of the tenant and will be subject to verification at the end of the rental period. If the inventory of fixtures and/or the inventory are not established contradictorily and signed simultaneously by (or its representative) and the tenant, the inventory of fixtures and/or the inventory carried out by only (or its representative only) and given to the tenant at the time of his entry in the housing will be questionable by the tenant within 24 hours following the handing-over of the inventory of fixtures. In the absence of contestation/claim by the latter within this 24-hour period, the inventory of fixtures and inventory carried out by (or its representative) and communicated to the tenant when he enters the accommodation will be deemed to be accepted without reservation by the tenant. This inventory constitutes the only reference in case of dispute concerning the inventory of fixtures.
State of exit.
An inventory of fixtures and an inventory will be drawn up by (or its representative) and the tenant at the end of the rental period, each keeping a signed copy. Otherwise (absence of inventory of fixtures and/or inventory of fixtures and/or inventory drawn up unilaterally by the tenant), the absence of protest by (or its representative) within 48 hours following the end of the rental period will be worth restitution of the premises in good condition and/or a complete inventory of fixtures.

The return of the keys to (or its representative), at the end of the rental period, can in no way entail the renunciation of rental repairs if it is proven that these are due to the tenant. If items listed in the inventory are damaged, may claim their replacement value.

If an inventory of fixtures has not been made, the tenant is presumed to have received the rented premises in a good state of repair and must return them as such, unless proven otherwise (Article 1731 of the Civil Code).

Article 14 – state of cleanliness 

The state of cleanliness of the accommodation on the arrival of the tenant must be noted in the inventory of fixtures. 

The tenant undertakes to maintain the rented accommodation and to return it in a good state of cleanliness and rental repairs.  Repairs made necessary by negligence or poor maintenance during the rental period will be charged to the tenant.

The final cleaning is done by a cleaning team, but before you leave you will have emptied all the garbage cans and the dishwasher.

The cottage is not smoking friendly.

Article 15 – Security deposit or guarantee 

Upon arrival of the tenant, a security deposit of 1000€ will be paid by credit card or by check + CNI. After the contradictory establishment of the inventory of fixtures of exit, this deposit is restored, deduction made of the cost of restoration of the place if degradations were noted. The tenant is responsible for any broken or deteriorated object as well as any damage that may be caused to the installations, in particular due to the incorrect handling of electrical and heating appliances, whether by his action or the actions of children for whom they are responsible. The fact, by, of cashing and retaining the amount of the deposit until the end of the rental period will in no way make him responsible.

In case of early departure (before the time mentioned on the present contract) preventing the establishment of the inventory of fixtures on the day of the tenant’s departure, the security deposit is returned by the owner within a period not exceeding one week after the inventory of fixtures.

The security deposit or deposit is to cover minor damages, however the renter’s liability is not limited to this amount. If the amount of the deposit is insufficient, the tenant undertakes to make up the amount after the exit inventory. The balance must imperatively be paid.

Article 16 – use of the premises

The tenant shall ensure the peaceful nature of the rental, make use of it in accordance with the purpose of the premises, and not make any changes to the layout of the furniture and the premises. Persons other than those registered at the time of booking and validated www.chaletskidh can not be accommodated. Parties and nuisances in the neighborhood are not allowed.

Article 17 – rules of procedure

During the stay, guests are asked to :

  • ensure regular maintenance of the premises and equipment made available to them 
  • to observe the rules of use of the co-ownership, in particular the rules of courtesy and to avoid any noise or behaviour, of his fact, because of his family or because of his relations, likely to disturb the neighbors after 10 pm and before 7 am.
  • use self-tanner or use your own linen as any linen stained by a fake tan will incur additional costs.
  • to accept a tour of the premises if or its agent so requests.

Please note that it is strictly forbidden to :

  • enter the interior of the cottage with ski boots, hiking boots or bicycle shoes.
  • bring skis, ski boots, toboggans and any other ski or bike equipment into the living area of the cottage.
  • smoking in the cottage, putting cigarette butts and ashes in the garbage cans inside the cottage and throwing cigarette butts on the ground outside. If you smoke outside, make sure the door behind you is closed.
  • sleep on the beds without bed linen. 
  • flush feminine hygiene products or diapers down the toilet.
  • Pour grease, oil or large amounts of food waste down the drain.
  • Throw objects in sinks and sinks that may clog drains.
  • use dishwashing liquid in the dishwasher.
  • use the vacuum cleaner to clean hot ashes.
  • eating in the rooms.

In the event of failure to comply with these rules, as well as in the event of non-compliance with the rules of procedure, we reserve the right to charge a flat fee of €150 minimum for the damage caused.

At the end of your stay, do not forget to :

  • carefully check that you do not leave any personal belongings in the cottage, including under the sofa cushions, on the electrical sockets for chargers, in the garage, etc.
  • remove all unsealed/perishable food from the refrigerator and leave the refrigerator on.
  • empty all trash cans in the chalet (kitchen, bathroom, as well as trash cans in the garage: glasses, packaging and papers. All waste goes to the “Molok” (integrated garbage cans) located next to the escalator.
  • Empty the dishwasher and put away the clean dishes before leaving.
  • if you have a smoker in your group, make sure that the balconies and the area below are free of garbage.
  • remove outside pillowcases, comforter covers and sheets and place them in the corner of each affected bedroom to be counted and picked up for washing.
  • Place towels and dishcloths in a pile for washing.
  • do not change the “forced on” position of the cumulus of hot water.
  • make a note of anything that needs to be serviced before the next guests arrive.

Article 18 – wifi and Hadopi use

The user of the Internet access undertakes not to use this access for purposes of reproduction, representation, provision or communication to the public of works or objects protected by copyright or related rights, such as texts, images, photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software and video games, without authorization. The user is informed that sharing software, when connected to the Internet, may automatically make available downloaded files. If a sharing software has been used to download protected works, it is therefore preferable to disable it.

The user is also required to comply with the security policy defined by as well as with the rules for the use of the network and computer equipment.

Il est rappelé à cet égard que le titulaire d’un accès à internet en l’espèce, est tenu de sécuriser cet accès afin qu’il ne soit pas utilisé à des fins de reproduction, de représentation, de mise à disposition ou de communication au public d’œuvres ou d’objets protégés par un droit d’auteur ou par un droit voisin, sous peine d’engager sa responsabilité pénale.

It is reminded in this respect that the holder of an access to the Internet, in this case, is required to secure this access so that it is not used for purposes of reproduction, representation, provision or communication to the public of works or objects protected by copyright or related rights, under penalty of incurring criminal liability.

This responsibility of the holder of the access does not in any way exclude the responsibility of the user who may be accused of a counterfeiting offence (article L. 335-3 of the Intellectual Property Code).

Article 19 – loss of keys by the tenant

A lump sum of 100 € will be required from the tenant in case of loss of a set of keys to cover the cost of replacing the lock.

Article 20 – animals 

No pets are allowed in the cottage. Admission will be refused and the rental immediately terminated without compensation if this condition is not respected.

Article 21 – interruption of services

Interruptions in the operation of the general services of the chalet (heating, water, electricity, Wifi, TV, etc…) or the closure of the slopes and ski lifts, do not justify a reduction in rent, nor damages, if they are not due to an act of will of

In the unlikely event that the property is rendered uninhabitable due to a fire, earthquake or any other means beyond the owner’s control, the owner’s liability will be limited to a refund of the sums paid by the tenant.

Article 22 – damage and repairs

The tenant is obliged to inform as soon as possible of any damage affecting the dwelling, its furniture or its equipment and to authorize, or any third party mandated by him for this purpose, to carry out, during the rental period, any repairs ordered by the emergency.  

Repairs made necessary by negligence or poor maintenance during the rental period will be charged to the tenant. The tenant will not be able to claim any reduction in rent in the event that urgent repairs incumbent on appear during the rental period.

Article 23 – Litigation

Any complaint relating to the inventory of fixtures and the state of the description during a rental must be submitted to by e-mail.

The cottage and its amenities are used entirely at the risk of the tenants. cannot accept responsibility for accidents, illnesses, injury, death, or loss of or damage to the property or assets of users or visitors, including motor vehicles, regardless of the cause that may occur in the course of the rental period.

Article 24 – personal belongings

The cottage has 2 sets of keys given to the tenant, who is fully responsible for his belongings there. Under no circumstances can the responsibility of www.chaletskidh be engaged in case of loss or theft of personal belongings during the rental period. The occupants are responsible for the insurance of their personal belongings. 

The forgetting of personal items inside the cottage when leaving the premises does not engage the responsibility of

Article 25 – Statement of risk of exposure to lead declares that the building does not fall within the scope of the legislation concerning the fight against lead poisoning, as it was built after January 1, 1949 ( cottage built in 2011). also declares that it has not received any notification from the Prefect of the Department to establish a diagnosis of the building in order to determine whether it presents a risk of lead accessibility for its occupants.


For all that is not provided for in the present rental conditions, the rental practices are the rule. reserves the right to terminate, without compensation, any rental contract in case of non-performance by its beneficiary of the clauses of the general rental conditions. In this case, the totality of the stay will be acquired to him. If the tenant refuses to leave the premises, it will be sufficient to compel him to do so by a summary judgment issued by the president of the tribunal d’instance of the place where the cottage is located.  For the execution of the present and their continuation, the competent court is that of the place of the chalet object of the present, including the court of Grenoble. The present contract and its consequences are subject to French law.